Cornwall & The Blue Carrot

As I prepare for my upcoming trip to London, I have been reminiscing about my last visit. On my last trip to the UK, I went all the way to Cornwall to spend the day in Susane Hayward’s gorgeous garden. If you follow my Instagram, you probably know that I did my master’s degree in London and stayed for a while after. I have a deep love of England, especially the country side. Following a particularly hot summer in Texas, being able to go for a long walk in the country was such a welcomed pleasure. So following a busy London Fashion week, I hopped on the train and traveled to the far south of England for the most delightful afternoon. 

We began the day by touring her garden and discuss techniques and tips for starting a home grown garden. Cornwall is considerably cooler, so it is a bit easier to grow more delicate varieties there.  At the moment, I do have so lovely bearded Iris going and am looking forward to the winter when I can plant some delicate Japanese Anenome and roses for the summer. From there, we it was just lovely to chat and design together. She has the sweetest dog, named Trudy, who sat at our feet as we worked. I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor as we experimented with color theory and explored new shapes. It was a wonderful afternoon and I was happy to incorporate these free form techniques into many of our weddings over the last year.