Elizabeth & Scott

This wedding is extra special for a few reasons, most importantly because it is my own, but also because it is featured on Martha Stewart Weddings earlier this month. I understand the pressures and stress of being a bride, so when Scott and I set about planning our special day we didn’t want anything too fussy. We thought for a while about a destination wedding, but we thought that it could easily start going over the top. Ultimately, we decided just to have our immediate family gather for a small civil ceremony followed by an intimate, candle lit reception at Tiny’s No. 5. It allowed us to not only be present for our day, but to also splurge a little since we weren’t buying dinner for 200 guests.

For us, it was the perfect gathering and we could really focus on the details of the day! We chose a palette of terra cotta, salmon, and mauve with touches of honey and grey. My favorite elements were our gorgeous paper products by Halfmoon Lettering. Rachel hand painted each and every piece so they were each their own little work of art. You can read more here:

Phtotogrpahy by Divya Pande

Coordination by Holloway events

Elizabeth Stottlemyre