Hello and welcome to The Petaler. We are a sustainable and eco-friendly flower studio based in Texas. We hope that you will follow along on our flower filled journey. Our core aesthetic and design philosophy is something that is truly unique and stands out amongst other Houston based florists. As the founder and core designer, I find that my background in the arts means that our flowers come together to build the design, as opposed to the flowers dictating the concept. My free form, organic approach to floristry is something that really separates us from other florists in our demographic. 

Our clients really appreciate our dedication to quality. We only use the best flowers and materials in our design which can be seen in how elegant and sophisticated our events are. Sustainable design is a passion of ours which is why all of our events are foam free. I hope that you will visit us often to learn more about our design process, using eco-friendly methodologies, and our studies of florals world wide!

Thanks for joining us!

-Elizabeth, founder